The Problem

We've been in design for years, across agencies, product companies, and even running our own studio. One thing we kept seeing was the confusion and frustration around mapping user stories. People use colorful sticky notes, move them around, and track who said what. This might look good online, but it's a time-waster. Everyone has their own system, leading to wasted explanations and delays. We knew there had to be a better way!

The Solution

After talking to 100’s of designers, product managers and agencies, and reflecting on our own experience, we created Uiino (you-eye-ee-no) It's a simple tool that lets you create user story maps using just plain text. Think of Uiino like a simpler way to write instructions for design documents. Instead of fancy formatting, Uiino uses easy tags to create your story maps. These tags create a common language for everyone – designers, product managers, and even developers! Uiino lets you add technical notes to each step and story. This means everyone is on the same page and developers can easily see the technical considerations behind each user interaction. We even use Uiino ourselves at THISUX to make user journey maps that help us understand what users go through, so we can design better products.

Team behind Uiino

Team behind Uiino

At Uiino, we believe user story mapping shouldn't be a chore. We're a team that started with this frustration, and we decided to create something better! Each member brings their unique perspective, and together, we've built a tool that makes mapping your ideas a fun and collaborative experience.